About Us

Creative Forge is the brain child of a group of local artists who, after many years of ordering through larger print businesses, decided to create a more flexible art printing service for fellow creatives.

Starting Out

We really struggled when starting out with our own products to find a good deal and give us some flexibility to `test our market’. Often, we needed to order lots of one design to get a good price, and, whilst we understand why so many suppliers require this from customers, felt it didn’t work well for us when trying to trial designs and develop creative ideas!

We decided to research bringing the art printing service in-house and met with consultants, invested in the professional software and machinery required, researched and tested a whole range of products. In 2017 we opened this up to fellow artists offering use of our equipment and software for them to have the same opportunities we were benefiting from.   

Created by artists

As it was artists who started this business, we are well aware of the need for a product to reflect the time and love that has gone into creating the artwork. The staff who have joined us at Creative Forge work with this principle at all times.

We have walked in your shoes and we know it isn’t just about the art printing service. We have experienced first hand what it means to own a creative business and where support is needed. We therefore have built upon the services, such as creative coaching, to ensure you can dip in and out of extra support where you need it.

We support you

We are not just an art printing shop. We wish to give you every tool you need to develop a successful business. This is an industry that flourishes in supporting each other in many different ways and we are proud to be a part of it.

We are delighted you are considering trialling our products and are as excited as you about your new potential product range! Whether you are an established business or an emerging creative, we will do everything in our power to support you in your venture.