How To Order

Simply choose the product you would like us to print for you.  

In the design box put the name of the image(s) you would like on that product ie. the name of the file(s) you will be sending us.

After checkout send us your artwork using wetransfer (you will also find a link to this at the bottom of all our website pages).   Use your order number as reference.   Please note: Your images are downloaded automatically with order reference – we will not receive any messages.  Contact us if you need to amend your order.

Sending your Images 

You can send pdf, jpeg, png or tif

Send in RGB colour – no need to convert CMYK

As Creative Forge has a team of designers working with and for you, we will set everything up for your printing as standard so you don’t need to worry about this side of things.  

If you would prefer to send your images set up by yourself and print ready, feel free to download the print dimension file for the product you are ordering and include the words ‘print ready’ when saving.

If you have any queries please drop us a line at or give us a call on 0191 4283310