The Moiré effect and how to avoid it

The dreaded Moiré effect is a photography phenomenon that often occurs with photos containing repeated patterns and textures e.g. the lines on the shirt in the photo below or the texture of an artwork canvas. These rainbow lines will show up on your artwork when its printed if not dealt with. In this blog post, we will look into a few ways you can avoid this unwelcome effect so that your artwork will look its best.

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Creating a brand colour palette

A brand colour palette is a small set of colours that represent your brand personality.

It’s the way others perceive what your identity is all about. They say first impressions count – this is especially true when it comes to your brand since your brand colour is likely to be the first thing customers see.

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Understanding Image Size & Resolution

There are two important pieces of information to understand about any images you may wish to print from. We find most people when starting on their creative printing journey believe there is only one measurement and so understandably it can be rather confusing when we talk about both! Both the measurements are interlinked and therefore it’s essential to understand what they mean.

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Preparing to retail

Preparing to retail your artwork gift range – how to plan your design catalogue, review your pricing and connect with retailers

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